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Abstrax stands out among competitors because of the level of accuracy and quality services we provide to our valued clients. This standard of excellence is made possible by the highly experienced abstracting professionals that make up our leadership team, most of whom were promoted internally.


Entry level employees in every department are diligently trained in title search services using traditional abstracting methods in conjunction with innovative technology.  As Abstrax continues to expand, opportunities for internal departmental transfers and promotions will increase as well. Check out our Employee Success Stories to learn more.

Employee Success Stories


Phil Dugan

Director of Operations

Phil started his career at Abstrax, LLC in May of 2011.  He began in the Lien Search Department, obtaining detailed (unrecorded) lien information from municipalities for Abstrax Municipal Lien Search (MLS) product.  Based on his willingness to learn and hard work in several different departments, Phil was quickly promoted to the position of Vendor Department Manager, where he organized Abstrax’ vendor network and communicated with physical vendors throughout the country. 


In December of 2012, Phil’s accomplishments and dedication were rewarded with a promotion to the position of Assistant Operations Manager.  In this role, he was responsible for planning and distribution of work flow and production.  In July of 2014, he was further promoted to Operations Manager, and became responsible for overseeing companywide workflow and production in day to day operations.  Phil has also been responsible for overseeing initiatives critical to Abstrax’ recent growth including, client onboarding and communication, new product development, process development/re-engineering in collaboration with IT, and staff and capacity planning.  


Already a recognized leader and contributor to Abstrax operational growth, Phil will have increased involvement with new business growth initiatives, new product development, production systems, and high-level operational oversight.

Laurie Rich

Director of Organizational Development

Laurie started with Abstrax in May of 2013.  She was hired in the Quality Control Department where she was responsible for creating and delivering final property reports according to client requirements.  Quickly mastering her responsibilities, Laurie began expanding her training to other departments, including search and taxes.  In October of 2013 Laurie transferred to the position of property report specialist on the search team where she became a proficient abstractor.  Continuing to expand her knowledge, Laurie accepted an opportunity to transfer to the position of vendor representative on the vendor team in August of 2014.  Laurie distinguished herself though excellent communication and leadership, and in March of 2015 she was promoted to the position of Director of Vendor Services, a month in which she was also distinguished as Abstrax’ employee of the month.  As Director of Vendor Services, Laurie has scaled the department through a 100% volume increase though employee development and training, and process streamlining.  She also simultaneously managed several initiatives to improve vendor performance an oversight, expand Abstrax’ direct coverage footprint, and significantly reduce outside abstracting costs.  Laurie is also a driving force behind Abstrax’ team building and cultural initiatives. 


In her new role, Laurie will be responsible for high level organizational development spanning the company’s operations, including:  intra-department communication and systems, team effectiveness, change management, and strategic initiatives.  

Aimee Curran

Search Manager

Aimee started with Abstrax in August of 2013. Aimee was hired as a member of the search team but cross-trained early in her career on both quality control/product delivery and taxes, to increase her knowledge and versatility. Due to her strong passion for title abstracting, Aimee has become one of Abstrax’ most skilled and knowledgeable searchers; currently distinguished as Level 3. In October of 2014 Aimee was promoted to the position of Training Manager. In this role she was successful in training a large number of new searchers within months to meet the demands of business growth. In this role Aimee was also recognized for her consistent positive attitude, ubiquitous enthusiasm for searching, and desire to help others. Aimee took a brief hiatus from this role to help others in a capacity outside of Abstrax, but she continued to work with Abstrax part-time as a searcher, again, proving her passion for her work and her commitment to the Abstrax team. Upon Aimee’s return to Abstrax full-time, she assumed the position of Search Team Lead where she not only supported her clients and her own team’s growth, but also leveraged her experience to assist other teams within the company. In her new role, Aimee will utilize her talents to benefit Abstrax’ search program, from training through production and long-term team development.

Michael Madden

REO Pipeline Manager

Michael took a position with Abstrax, LLC in the winter of 2013 as a data entry specialist.  Given his speed, accuracy, and enthusiasm, he quickly became a resource to his coworkers and was identified by management as a candidate for advancement within a few months.  Michael joined Abstrax’ Land Record Search team, which involved an increase in responsibility and expertise, and continued to find similar success in multiple departments.  Subsequently, he was offered a position as an Account Manager for one of Abstrax’ largest clients.  In this position, Michael was able to distinguish himself by increasing efficiency and quality on the company’s highest-volume product. In May of 2014, he was promoted to a position at Linear Title & Closing (Abstrax’ parent company) working with the same client.  Michael now expedites real estate closings and handles escalated issues, which requires use of the skills and in-depth understanding of land records he developed during his tenure at Abstrax.


Most recently, Michael has been promoted to REO Pipeline Manager at Linear. This new role entails a front to back monitoring of all files pending a closing in the pipeline, with escalated emphasis placed on files that have title issues or are otherwise held up by problems that may not fall directly within other departments' purviews. He also monitors and provides data analysis on common holdups, strategizes time and effort-saving practices to increase team efficiency, and directs the closers to specific actions they might take in order to expedite their closings.

Jennifer Macias

Closing Specialist

Jennifer took a position as a Land Records Searcher with Abstrax in May of 2010 when the company was still small, but was growing quickly.  Within months of being hired, Jennifer was promoted to Search Department Manager, and led a team of over a dozen searchers.  Abstrax’ growth was steady, and when she returned from maternity leave in February of 2012, Jennifer was managing a department of over 30 searchers.  She was subsequently given the position of Training Manager, where she ensured that Abstrax’ standards of quality were maintained.  In May of 2014, Jennifer was offered a job as a Closer with Abstrax’s parent company, Linear Title & Closing.  Currently, Jennifer is closing over 100 REO sales per month on behalf of some of the largest banks in North America, and still enjoys working in a fast-paced office environment that continues to offer opportunities for advancement. 

Eric Lewis

Title Supervisor

Eric started his career at Abstrax, LLC in May of 2012 as a Property Report Specialist.  As the company grew he quickly adapted to changes, was willing to work additional hours, and always made himself available to answer questions and assist other employees.  By December 2012, he was promoted to an Account Representative managing one of the company’s largest accounts, working to streamline communication and work flow to the client.  Based on his success as an Account Representative, Eric was promoted to Assistant Operations Manager, and now balances project based work while also helping to oversee all day to day production.  In addition to being the Assistant Operations Manager, Eric took on further responsibilities as the Training and Quality Control Manager, where he is implementing training programs and offering solutions to staff in order to increase the accuracy and quality of all Abstrax’ products.


Most recently, Eric has been promoted to the Linear Title & Closing team, working hard and moving up within our parent company to become the Supervisor of the Title department.

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